Wrench Bench

Curtis Custom Wrench Bench (starting at $13,000)

  • An actual work bench shaped like a wrench.
  • Polished stainless steel top.
  • The open end of the wrench contains a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and parts cabinet.
  • The closed end of the wrench contains a parts washer.
  • The middle section features an opening for a tool chest, which can be tailored to fit each customer’s tool check or a new tool chest.
  • Our wrench benches come in various designs for shops & garages as well as desk or coffee table designs for an office, lobby or reception area.


After owning my ’84 Mustang for the past 30+ years, I decided it deserved a paint job. Curtis and the boys quoted me on a paint job with minor repairs, but went above and my expectations with the results. The attention to detail was exceptional! This was not just a mask and paint job. They encouraged me to visit and allowed me to take pictures as the project progressed. I learned of their level of expertise and capabilities by seeing other projects at the shop. This was truly a great experience for me and I would trust them with any project.
Leo Barker

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