Ultimate Tool Box

tool box all opened

Have you seen The ‘Ultimate Tool Box’?

Created from vintage vehicles, the ultimate tool box is great for either the garage or trade shows, and can include such essential equipment as comfy chairs and televisions…

View the Tool Box gallery below to see construction, to the final unveiling at the ’07 SEMA show in Vegas-baby! CLICK HERE to see the original concept drawing.

Getting the Tool Box on the road for an upcoming car show is quite a production in itself!

The Ultimate Tool Box drew many amazed comments at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas and acquired some impressive autographs from various celebrities and big names in the auto industry including:

  • Tom Meentz ~ Maximum Destruction (monster trucks)
  • George Barris ~ Custom Cars (The Batmobile)
  • Thomas DuPont ~ DuPont Publishing Inc.
  • Bill Goldberg ~ Wrestler
  • Cherie Westrich ~ Overhaulin
  • Dennis Anderson ~ Gravedigger (monster trucks)
  • Ryan Anderson ~ Gravedigger (monster trucks)
  • Vinnie DiMartino ~ V-Force (Formally from Orange County Choppers)
  • Cody Connelly ~ V-Force (Formally from Orange County Choppers)
  • Natalie Green ~ Model
  • Al Dimora ~ DiMora Motorcar
  • Gene Winfield ~ Custom Cars
  • Arlen Ness ~ Custom Motorcycles
  • Dave Periet ~ Formula 1 Race Car Driver
  • Rich Evans ~ Rich Evans Designs
  • Butch Patrick ~ Eddie Munster
  • Rod Saboury ~ Retired Pro Street Racer
  • Mark Gerisch ~ Genaddi Design Group
  • Larry Wood ~ Chief Designer (Hot Wheels)
  • “E” DUB ~ DUB Wheels
  • West Coast Customs
  • JKR Customs
  • Richie Weinstein Mattel Design
  • Mitch Lansine ~ Overhaulin
  • And recently here at home was signed by Nova Scotia’s own Trailer Park Boys!


9 months ago

Curtis Customs Radical Garage
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Words To Build By....

The Hotrodders Prayer

Our hot rods
That are our dream
Custom be thy name
Thy frame will come
Thy will will be done
On the streets as in our garages
Give us this day our daily build
And forgive us our screw-ups
As we forgive those that screw-up beside us
Lead us not into competition
But deliver us to the streets.....

ride on
Curtis Maclean
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10 months ago

Curtis Customs Radical Garage
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10 months ago

Curtis Customs Radical Garage
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I have worked with Curtis for over eight years.  I have also worked with some of the best craftsman on the planet (for what it’s worth).  Curtis is one of the top designers/fabricators in the business.  His vision is like no other, taking concepts to the next level.  When you see his finished products, his design ability is truly amazing.  I must also say that Curtis is one of the best metal fabricators in the business. I have had the pleasure to get to know Curtis and his family on a personal level.  I consider him family.  I know that Curtis works extremely hard for his family and for his name.
Rich Evans

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