944 Porsche

Back from the dead, this car sat in a field for a couple of years before the restoration began. All body modifications have been hammered out by the master, Curtis MacLean.

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89 Mustang

Uncle Leo’s baby. Back on the road in its original glory.

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79 Monte Carlo

Chopped, dropped and stretched this one off custom is the epitome of evil.

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76 Corvette

For a car that’s been only painted once we have now stripped the 6th coat of paint. When completed the black will be perfect.

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71 Challenger

For the love of her father, a surprise restoration of his favorite car.

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57 Chev

327 4 Speed Muncie. Custom leather interior. Sold and off to a new home.

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53 Chev

Once a convertible, now chopped and widened hardtop custom. Read More…

39 Chev

Work in Progress. Chopped and bagged.

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29 Dodge

Work in progress – more to follow. Chassis painted and complete. Body now being fitted to frame.

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I have worked with Curtis for over eight years.  I have also worked with some of the best craftsman on the planet (for what it’s worth).  Curtis is one of the top designers/fabricators in the business.  His vision is like no other, taking concepts to the next level.  When you see his finished products, his design ability is truly amazing.  I must also say that Curtis is one of the best metal fabricators in the business. I have had the pleasure to get to know Curtis and his family on a personal level.  I consider him family.  I know that Curtis works extremely hard for his family and for his name.
Rich Evans

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