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IT'S READY!  ALL NEW design in lightweight, eye-catching chrome. E-Z install & affordable as well - just in time for Father's Day (and of course mom too!) A good selection now in stock and ready for pick up. Only $200 (tax included)

The coolest way to hold your bike accessories.

The new Radical Garage License Plates

Our truly wicked logo on simulated background.


They're mean, they're lightweight, they're hot!

$30.00 and it's yours..

Call 902 883-0023 or email to get yours now!  Online shopping with PayPal coming soon.

Have you seen The 'Ultimate Tool Box'?


The Ultimate Tool Box

Created from vintage vehicles, the ultimate tool  box is great for either the garage or trade shows, and can include such essential equipment as comfy chairs and televisions...

Click on the image above wherever your mouse pointer changes from an arrow to a hand to see FIVE close-ups of the features. 

Visit the Tool Box gallery to see the process from the original concept drawing, to construction,
to the final unveiling at the
'07 SEMA show in Vegas-baby!

Getting the Tool Box on the road for an upcoming car show is quite a production in itself!
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The Biker Box

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Curtis Custom Biker Box  (from $200 to $2,000)

• Unit stores two helmets, gloves, leathers and care products in a really cool way!
• All aluminum construction, ready to paint.
• Custom bike shapes as well as cars, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles available.
• Unit mounts with ease to wall studs.
• All you need is a level and a screwdriver.

Biker Boxes everywhere...
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Past display at our local Credit Union. A basic 'biker shelf' with clothes hooks Biker box on display in an office Kirt Silver displaying his tattoo trophies!

Highslide JS Wrench Coffee & End Table Set - $2,900
Sturdy and fully customizable, Curtis Custom Designs coffee table with optional bolt end tables is a conversation piece in any setting - the garage or workshop, reception area or even the living room!
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"We don't just make garage gear, we make garage gear cool!"

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Garage Gear
Movie Vehicles
Custom Hotrod Projects
Custom Car Graphics Design


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Custom Drawing Service - Curtis has expanded his custom art service, now providing concept drawings for all your car, motorcycle or garage projects.

Have Curtis bring your dream car to life - drawings start at $300.00 (Curtis Customs Club members get a 10% discount on drawing services.) - "From a drawing to a dream..."
  click to see more on Curtis MacLean's Custom Drawings

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Curtis at the drawing board creating a drawing of a dream Concept for Stealth... Vegas Wheels, baby!

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Our Classic Car garage shelves - five different designs available - there's even a clock in one of 'em!

Drop on by our showroom to check out these sturdy shelves, great for holding smaller products and possibly the best conversation piece!

Your choice of design for $199.00 each.

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Curtis Custom Wrench Bench (starting at $13,000)

• An actual work bench shaped like a wrench.

• Polished stainless steel top.

• The open end of the wrench contains a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and parts cabinet.

• The closed end of the wrench contains a parts washer.

• The middle section features an opening for a tool chest, which can be tailored to fit each customer's tool check or a new tool chest.

• Our wrench benches come in various designs for shops & garages as well as desk or coffee table designs for an office, lobby or reception area.

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Watch this space for more cool Curtis Custom products soon!